Destination Efficiency: The Ultimate Guide to Effective Business Travel with Turismo Watch Company

It doesn’t matter if your business travel consists of cross-country trips in a car or jetting off on monthly meetings abroad, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. While we can’t guarantee that having these items will make your flight take off on time or that there will be no turbulence in the sky, we can promise that these items will make your travel experience feel just a little more luxurious.


Smart Luggage
Every modern business traveller needs to invest in good quality smart luggage. Not only are these suitcases equipped with ample storage for all of your belongings but they often include built-in charging ports for your devices, GPS tracking in case of loss, and even weight sensors to help you avoid overweight baggage fees. If you’re looking to streamline your travelling experience, then investing in some luggage from Valise would be a clever decision. With a built-in USB charger, a 3-point locking system with integrated TSA lock and a variety of organisation options inside, this case would be the perfect addition to your travel essentials.

A Turismo Watch
While jet-setting across the world, you’ll be more than thankful for a reliable watch that has been made with the perfect balance of form and function. Our Pilote Racing and Tertre Rouge Chronographs are 42.5 mm in diameter, Sapphire coated in K1 mineral glass, are Swiss gold plated 10 jewel, shock resistant quartz movement and are Water resistant to 100 metres making them a watch you never have to take off. The last thing you want to be worrying about when staying in hotels is taking your watch off for a dip in the pool or a shower and then leaving it, with the Turismo watches, this doesn’t need to be a problem. 

Travel Socks
If you’re a regular flyer on long-haul flights, you’ll already know how high altitude can take a toll on your feet. Compression socks should be essential in your hand luggage whenever you’re hoping on a flight and we recommend the London Sock Company’s travel socks. Made from ultra-soft luxury Egyptian cotton in Italy, these socks ease foot fatigue with a supportine top-welt for graduated compression, promote blood flow, combat swelling and provide maximum comfort all while still helping you remain stylish for the duration of your flight.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones
For those long flights or noisy hotel environments, a pair of noise-cancelling headphones are a must. Whether you're trying to continue working or just looking to watch your favourite film, these headphones create a silent bubble, allowing you to focus on your in-flight plan. The obvious choice for any luxury, business traveller will be the Apple AirPod Max, their perfect balance of noise cancelling and spacial audio make these essential for all travel experiences. These headphones are made with a cushion canopy, designed to ensure uncompromised comfort with a fit to suit many different head shapes.

Versatile Business Attire
As a seasoned business traveller, you’ll know that having the right attire is crucial for making a positive impression but packing numerous suits can be completely impactful. You want to invest in wrinkle-resistant clothing that can be transitioned from day to night, fitting both a day of meetings and dinner with clients in the evening. We recommend looking into the Non-Iron collection from Charles Tyrwhitt, you can find a range of shirts in multiple styles and patterns as well as their non-iron chinos in a range of colours to suit your individual style. These items can be accessories with belts, cufflinks or a formal jacket to dress up or down for whatever occasions you face while on your trip.

Successfully travelling for business is a combination of preparation, efficiency, and adaptability. Using these five travel essentials in your travel routine will help you navigate any in-flight or on-the-road issues that may arise, leaving you to focus on building relationships, closing deals, and achieving success in the global marketplace.