Unleashing Vibrance: Styling Our Papaya Orange Tropic Watch Strap

We have seen fashion evolve through the years but the power of classic style is eternal. Long gone are the days when men didn't think about their outfits, it is now celebrated when a man takes care of his appearance and appreciates a put-together outfit. A watch strap collection is the ideal way for any man to elevate his outfit, switching the strap to match different moods, occasions and seasons will give him the power to customise his wrist style. Starting bold, we want to talk about styling our Papaya Orange Tropic strap.

Papaya orange watch strap on the Pilote Racing Chronograph watch face. The watch is placed on orange paper with a blue curl of paper over the top.
Why an orange strap?

Other than this strap matching both our Pilote Racing and Tertre Rouge Chronographs, orange is a vibrant colour often associated with people who are witty, spontaneous, generous, optimistic, eager and bold. In our opinion, these are all desirable characteristics that we want to be associated with the Turismo brand. The strap is more than just a functional element; it's a style statement.

Orange is the new black

As an accent, orange can be added to your outfit and still maintain a timelessly elegant style.

Opting for a classic neutral?
Think of a charcoal or black suit with a hint of orange flashing on your wrist and a pair of matching orange socks to sandwich the neutrals. This combination will allow your watch to take centre stage and ensure that your watch becomes the focal point of your outfit.
Papaya orange strap on the Pilote Racing Chronograph watch face. The watch is placed on a dark blue fabric backgroud with nutural tones accessories placed on the perimeter.
Looking for something more dynamic?

Consider pairing your orange strap with complementary colours, like navy blue, deep green, or even a rich chocolate brown. These combinations can create a visually appealing and balanced ensemble. You’ll be experimenting with a different style without going overboard.

Feeling more casual?
Transform what would be a formal outfit with a touch of denim. Whether you opt for a denim jacket, jeans, or a chambray shirt, the blue tones of denim complement the warmth of the orange strap beautifully. You’re now adding pops of colour to your wardrobe but keeping the vibe of your outfit laid-back.

More orange you say?
If you’re feeling more fashion-forward consider going monochromatic. Pick out a range of orange hues, ensuring they are different enough to provide depth and interest while maintaining the overall monochrome theme. You’ll be making yourself the centre of attention in any social setting with this bold statement.

One watch with the Papaya Orange strap on the Pilote Racing Chronograph watch face wrapped around an orange cylinder. Another Pilote Racing Chronograph watch face with the Shelby Blue strap lead flat beside it on a solid orange backgroud.

Opening up your wardrobe to pops of colour, whether you prefer a classic, timeless look or enjoy experimenting with the latest trends will give you a new outlook on the world of fashion. Our vibrant Papaya Orange Tropic strap can be seamlessly integrated into your personal style.